Ducati Motorcycle Keys - Is the Red Key Important?

In their mid 2000 models (as of not long ago in 2007/08), Ducati cruisers accompanied keys that have a particular against robbery gadget. Like RFID (key-dandies, electronic strikes), these keys send a one of a kind flag (every key clear will have its own novel sign) to the motorcycle's PC which are required for operation of the bicycle utilizing the stock ECU.

Dark keys are utilized to begin the bicycle. At the point when the bicycle turns on it will read the sign from the dark key and a substantial sign is required before the bicycle will begin.

Red keys are fundamentally used to program the ECU to acknowledge new flags. It's false that a red key is required for any administration on your bicycle (unless that administration is particularly programming new keys into the stock ECU).

Ducati has moved far from the red key and now just uses key cards on 08 and more up to date bicycles.

Purchasing a Ducati with no red key

Hoping to purchase a Ducati? Does it come without a red key and you're apprehensive about what that implies?

Ideally the data on this page has been valuable; you ought to have enough data to settle on a reasonable choice what it will cost "additional" after you purchase the bicycle. While you presumably won't get the expense of another stock Dash and ECU off the asking value, you could without much of a stretch request a couple of hundred off the blue book esteem and have an extraordinary bicycle.

I myself have possessed a Ducati creature for very nearly 5 years now, never seeing its red key once. Truth is told I've just possessed one dark key for her also! Turns out, simply focusing where your bicycle's key is all you need to do. In case you're a careful individual, the red's absence key ought to never influence you making the most of your bicycle so don't fuss and get out and ride (or introduce an execution tuned ECU and ride harder!)